External Ministries

ChristChurch Support a variety of External Ministries, both in the UK and Abroad.

The results of the questionnaire that was handed out prior to the July Congregational Meeting provided a clear opinion that folk would like a newsletter regarding the many and varied ministries that CCW supports locally and further afield. There was also a clear pattern regarding which ministries people felt they would like to be better informed. This is the first of such newsletters and hopefully it will address the issues raised! Given the massive support for the FI summer camps it does however seem appropriate to start there and to give some detailed feedback from the team!

The latest External Ministries Newsletter:-

External Ministries October 17


The word “Sangsagai” means together in the Nepali language. “Sangsagai” helps church leaders and their congregation work together with the community to bring about positive changes for the whole community. It is a process that brings hope, self-esteem and transformation to churches and communities.
Sangsangai happens when people in a church read the bible together and hear what God is saying to them about their individual, family, church and communities needs and how to solve them practically with local resources so that their families and church are strengthened and they become the salt and light in the community.